We ship worldwidepremium workwear and custom wear manufacturer from india
We ship worldwidepremium workwear and custom wear manufacturer from india

What will happen if your employee's uniform/work wear is not of good quality?

My name is Anand Paul; I am the managing director of pennywort premium uniforms.

I am here to explain about how uniforms affect your productivity and quality.

At present, the workwear is mainly of polyester or cheap quality material. Polyester is an inexpensive, synthetic, man-made material. It is durable, strong, lightweight, flexible, resistant to shrinking and wrinkling, and easily dyed. While they feel strong, it’s unbearable to wear. The biggest disadvantage of polyester is that it is not breathable. It traps perspiration and heat next to the skin, which can make you feel sticky, clammy, and uncomfortable in humid weather. Unnatural chemicals are not made for constant human contact. Manufacturers love to use those types of material for workwear because it’s cheap and long lasting, thus putting all the cost on the companies and employees who suffer and sweat in this sticky material that’s supposed to be cool and refreshing.

The chemicals in polyesters can be rough on the skin and lead to rashes.

Imagine that you have 100 employees working in your company, and their total working hour is 800 hours per day. Think the uncomfortness in uniforms/workwear causes a loss of 2 hours per day for an employee, the it can cause for a loss of 200 hours per day for these 100 employees. That means your losing thousands of dollars in a single day only because of workwear quality.

Do you think it’s necessary for a company like yours?

Your employees use branded outfits in day today life. Unfortunately, they have no option to use branded quality outfits in their workplace,

We are the solution,

Pennywort is here to deliver branded premium uniforms for companies, pennywort gives more comfort, which leads to productivity, quality and profit.

Hey, we are using indian cotton; the greatest advantage of cotton is its breathability. In hot weather, it’s a great option for keeping your body cool. Even though it may hold moisture longer than polyester, in hot weather, this becomes a way to keep your body cool. Simply you can tear it and tie it to your wounds with no worries,

Thank you...

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